What are Government Hospital Suppliers?

What are Government Hospital Suppliers?

Supplies to government dispensaries, hospitals, and govt-sponsored pharmacies are known as Government Hospital Suppliers (GHS).

Medical services in India are defined by the Indian Constitution as a governmental obligation. Aside from providing medications and medical equipment to government hospitals, we are also a provider of pharmaceuticals to government hospitals.

government-sponsored pharmacies and hospitals with up-to-date pricing and inventory levels, order status, etc. Fedelty Health Care offers the supply of medicine to government clients (government hospitals, government dispensaries). Clients of Fedelty Health Care have access to:

  • We have direct access to many medical & health care products
  • Information about the latest pharmaceutical, medical, and healthcare products and their prices
  • Simple and intuitive ordering and return/replacement functionality for prescription drugs.
  • The purchasing history of medical equipment and drugs with reporting
  • There are a variety of payment options available

We assist government hospitals in the following areas with our distribution management expertise:

  • The distribution of products should be optimized for efficiency.
  • Inventory and shortfall management
  • Purchase compliance may be improved.

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