Hair fall


Hair fall

Up to 100 hairs can fall out daily on a healthy person. New hair strands grow to replace lost ones as part of the hair growth cycle.

Your hair will fall out and grow slowly or not at all if you have alopecia (hair loss). Numerous symptoms of hair loss can appear in both children and adults of both sexes. You could lose hair all over your body or only on your head.

How widespread is hair loss?

Baldness is the most prevalent kind of hair loss (androgenetic alopecia). Around the world, 80 million people are reportedly afflicted.

Hair loss is one of the most frequent side effects of chemotherapy.

Why do you feel the need to shave your head?

Genetic disease is known as hereditary hair loss (genes you inherit from your parents).
a scalp infection caused by a fungus.

styles for pulling the hair back firmly (such as braids, extensions, or tight ponytails).
Bleaches and perms, for instance, can lead to process-related damage.
hormone level changes (such as pregnancy, childbirth, or menopause).
Medical (such as chemotherapy and other drugs) (such as chemotherapy and certain medicines).
sufficient dietary needs (especially not getting enough iron or protein).
exhausting situations (such as undergoing surgery or losing a loved one).

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