Lopnol – Allopurinol Tablet

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Active Ingredient :
Manufacturer :
West-Coast Pharmaceutical Works Ltd
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Packing :
100 Tabs
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Lopnol 100mg Tablet is a medication used to treat and forestall gout. Gout happens when there is an excessive amount of uric corrosive in your body and it structures into precious stones that can show up around your joints and kidneys and cause torment. This medication assists with keeping uric corrosive levels low.

How Lopnol 100mg Tablet  is used?

Lopnol 100mg Tablet ought to be taken after food. You ought to continue to accept it as suggested by your PCP in any event, when you are not having a gout assault. Assuming that you stop, your side effects might deteriorate in light of the fact that more precious stones structure in your joints and kidneys. You can help yourself by rolling out certain improvements to your eating regimen and drinking a lot of liquids.

Common side effects of this Tablet:

A portion of the normal symptoms of this medication is carelessness, queasiness, and runs. Your PCP might assist with ways of diminishing or forestalling these side effects. Certain individuals might get an extremely unfavorably susceptible response that needs earnest clinical consideration. Converse with your primary care physician straight away assuming you get side effects of liver sickness including queasiness that doesn’t quit, yellowing skin or eyes, or dull pee.


Prior to taking this medicine, tell your PCP in case you have any time had a coronary sickness, diabetes, or liver contamination. Your PCP should in like manner think essentially of any excess solutions you are taking as enormous quantities of these may make this prescription less reasonable or change how it functions. Tell your PCP if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


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