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Third-Party Manufacturing

Third-Party Manufacturing

Fedelty Health Care has years of expertise in this field. Its wise counsel has catapulted us to a prominent position in a highly competitive business, and its quality-driven approach pushes us to deliver the finest pharma solutions available. Our pharma product portfolios comprise all major treatment areas including anti-cancer drugs, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Erectile Dysfunction, Anti-Viral, Lungs, Hair Loss, and other medications.

As an ethical and prominent Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing, we are well-known in the industry for our open and straightforward business interactions with all of our customers. Other reasons that have contributed to our being considered as the leading entity in this field are as follows:

  • On-time delivery is essential.
  • Packaging that is cutting-edge
  • Quality assurance is provided at all times.
  • High-tech solution
  • Good Infrastructure
  • Work on getting feedback
  • Serving 24 hours a day


Simplify the business paradigm of the pharmaceutical sector, and provide more innovative medicines in greater numbers. Invest in the development of a varied company in India and throughout the globe. The following are some of the high-quality pharmaceutical manufacturing services that we provide:

Pharmaceutical third-party manufacturing, bulk pharma exporter, hospital supply, government supply, named patient supply, and drop-shipping



Our organization is ranked among the best third-party manufacturing companies in India, according to Business Standard. With the assistance of our large-scale manufacturing plant, we are able to provide our associates with a diverse choice of pharmaceutical products. We have the capability of delivering all types of medication ranges, including pellets, tablets, capsules. In our role as a leading Third – Party Pharma Manufacturing company, we make use of the highest-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology available.

Our organization is supported by a team of experts and a group of top professionals that are well-versed in the standards of the worldwide business community. We have established relationships with the top distribution networks in India, which has enabled us to supply all of our pharma products on time. Our domain is included in the top ten list of Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Companies in the country. In addition to ensuring the quality of the pharmaceuticals, we also guarantee the quality of the packaging for all of the drugs that are manufactured. As of now, we are delivering our services to around 500+ pharmaceutical enterprises from all across the country.


We assist our partners with a choice of perfect medicine ranges thanks to our extensive knowledge in making pharmaceutical products. Our company’s strongest feature is its transparency. We provide a high level of transparency in our work so that our associates can evaluate and approve each business operation and determine whether it is running well. The following are some of our company’s highlights:


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