Diginate – Artesunate Injection

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GMT Pharma
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Diinate 120 mg An antiparasitic treatment is injection. It is used as part of the jungle fever treatment. It is not used to treat serious intestinal illness or to avoid jungle fever.

How Diginate 120mg Injection is used?

Diginate Injection is administered as an infusion by means of a qualified medical provider. You lack self-control while being benevolent. It is offered in situations where verbal instruction is absurd. Even if you feel OK, you must continue taking this medication because it has been recommended. If you refuse to take it, your situation could deteriorate further. If you are receiving treatment for high blood pressure, making lifestyle changes like getting regular exercise and altering your diet may help the treatment work more effectively.

Common side effects of this Injection:

This medication may cause negative effects in some populations, including headaches, trembling, weakness, and loss of appetite. Infusion site effects including discomfort, edema, or redness are also visible. Please feel free to visit your PCP if these effects persist for a long time. You might have blood tests once a week for about a month to check for the presence of malarial parasites.

Use this tablet carefully if you have kidney problems or trouble to urinate. Before using it, let your doctor know if you’re pregnant or if you’ve ever had liver, kidney, or heart disease.


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