Falcigo – Artesunate Injection

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Zydus Cadila
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Artesunate 60 mg Injection is a prescription antiparasitic medication. It aids in the treatment of jungle fever. It is not used to prevent intestinal illness or to treat severe jungle fever (where it has influenced the mind, lungs, or kidneys).

How Artesunate 60 mg Injection is used.

Artesunate 60 mg Injection is administered as an infusion by a medical professional. Sympathetic self-regulation does not exist. It is given in situations where an oral organization is impossible to imagine. Falcigo 60mg Injection may impair your alertness, impair your vision, or make you sleepy and dizzy. If you experience any of these symptoms, do not drive.

Side effects of This Injection

This medication may cause migraines, unsteadiness, shortness of breath, and loss of appetite in some people. You may also notice some infusion sites reactions such as agony, swelling, or redness. If it’s not too much trouble, ask your doctor if these results will last for a longer period of time. Blood tests may be performed once a week for about a month to detect the presence of malarial parasites.

Benefits Of This Injection:

This injection is an antimalarial medication that is used to treat malaria either alone or in combination with other medications (a serious or life-threatening illness that is spread by a parasite that enters the human body by the bite of infected mosquitoes). This medication is administered by a doctor or nurse and should not be taken by the patient. Take no other medicines or antacids with this medicine (unless prescribed by a doctor), as they may interfere with its absorption.




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