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The distribution service for government dispensaries, hospitals, and government-supported pharmacies is known as government hospital supply.Medicinal services are defined as a state responsibility in India by the Indian Constitution.

Fedelty Healthcare provides medicine to government clients (hospitals, dispensaries, and government-supported pharmacies) with up-to-date pricing, inventory levels, order status, and other information.

Fedelty HealthCare provides government hospitals supply services with a wide range of medicines and drugs.

With Fedelty Healthcare, Government Clients have access to:

  • Direct access to the widest range of medical and healthcare products.
  • Product and pricing information about pharmaceutical, medical, and healthcare products that is up to date.
  • Ordering and returning or replacing drugs has never been easier or simpler.
  • Purchase history of medical equipment and drugs, as well as reporting.
  • Various payment options are available.

With our vigorous dissemination of the board abilities, we help government medical clinics in:

  • Improve product distribution operational efficiency.
  • Control inventories and shortages.
  • Purchase compliance should be improved.

Our Goals

  • All forms of pharmaceutical items, including generic medicines and pharmacy supplies, are exported by us.
  • We never fail to deliver the order on time.
  • We provide the greatest packaging services, so you can be assured that when our pharmacy products arrive at your doorstep, they will be safe.
  • We offer pharmaceutical supply services all around the world.
  • Our generic pharmaceutical items have clientele all around the world who trust us.
  • Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality generic pharmaceutical goods that are completely safe.
  • Our goal with our pharmacy supplies service is to deliver complete healthcare.

What sets us apart from the competition?

  • 24/07 Support
  • Product Excellence
  • Safety


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