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Acenocoumarol 2mg Acitrom Tablet is an oral anticoagulant that assists with forestalling the development of destructive blood clumps in the legs, lungs, cerebrum, and heart. It is utilized for profound vein apoplexy, respiratory embolism, and stroke counteraction. Acenocoumarol is an anticoagulant that capacities as a nutrient K opponent (like warfarin). It is a subsidiary of Coumarin and is non-exclusive, so is showcased under many brand names around the world.

How is Acenocoumarol 2mg Acitrom Tablet Used?

Acitrom 2 Tablet ought to be taken as exhorted by the specialist. You may take it with or without food yet it is smarter to require some investment. This medication ought not to be halted unexpectedly without talking with the specialist. You should take this medication consistently to get the most advantage, regardless of whether you feel fine. It is forestalling future mischief.

Side Effects of Acenocoumarol 2mg Acitrom Tablet:

Utilization of this medication may expand your risk of dying. Tell your PCP quickly if you see a pinpoint rash or blood in your spews, pee, or stool. If you are going under any medical procedure or dental therapy, you may have to stop this medication for quite a while yet solely after talking with your primary care physician.

Before taking it, you should advise the specialist on the off chance that you are experiencing any kidney or liver illness. Additionally, let your PCP know whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding and a pretty much wider range of various drugs that you are taking consistently. For more details, click here.

How does Acitrom work?
Acitrom 1 Tablet is a type of medicine known as an anticoagulant. Although it does not “dissolve” blood clots, it can prevent them from getting bigger so your body can dissolve them over time. It will also prevent new ones from forming. It works by blocking a substance in the body which is involved in blood clotting.




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