Amislide – Amisuplride Tablet

International Name :
Active Ingredient :
Manufacturer :
John Lee Pharma
Form :
Packing :
100 Tabs
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Amisulpride 100-mg Tablet is a physician-endorsed medication utilized in the treatment of schizophrenia, a psychological problem that can bring about fantasies or hallucinations and furthermore unfavorably influences an individual’s capacity to think and act.

How Amisulpride 100-mg Tablet is used?

Amisulpride 100-mg tablets might be taken regardless of food. Your primary care physician might begin you on a lower portion and increment it step by step. Try not to change the portion or quit taking it without conversing with your PCP, regardless of whether you feel good. Doing so may aggravate your condition or you might experience the ill effects of horrendous withdrawal side effects (uneasiness, anxiety, palpitations, tipsiness, rest unsettling influences, and so on.).

Common Side effects of This Tablet:

Queasiness, heaving, and dryness in the mouth are a few normal results of this tablet. Regardless, if you notice a skin rash or redness, tell your PCP straight away. It could shape into a hazardous skin condition called the Stevens-Johnson issue. Long-stretch treatment with this medicine can cause osteoporosis (diminished bone mass) and addition to your risk of breaking a bone. Anticonvulsants like this prescription might cause pointless thoughts and practices. In case your perspective gets deterred, tell you, essential consideration doctor.


This prescription may not be proper for everybody. Preceding using it, tell your PCP if you have any time had heart issues, kidney or liver infection, inconvenience peeing, wretchedness, or reckless considerations. Various meds can interfere with it and some should not be taken together, so tell you’re essential consideration doctor every one of the medicines you are expected to guarantee they are secured. If you are pregnant, don’t start or stop taking this drug without asking your PCP. Drinking alcohol should avoid as it can construct a piece of the outcomes and can similarly grow your risk of seizures. You might require progressive blood tests to assist your essential consideration doctor with guaranteeing you are taking the right piece both before you start and remembering that you are using it.


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