Aricep – Donepezil Tablet

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Eisai Pharma
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Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative condition that gradually impairs memory and thinking. Aricep 10mg Tablet is used to treat mild to moderate dementia in this condition. Although it doesn’t treat the condition, it might aid with symptoms like better memory and awareness.

How Aricep 10mg Tablet is used?

Aricep 10mg Tablet can be taken either on its own or in combination with other medications. Your primary care physician will determine the dosage and frequency of administration so that you receive the best supplement to manage your symptoms. It could be continuously expanded. You can take this drug with or without food, but for maximum benefit, take it at the same time every day. It takes two to three weeks on average to work. Regardless of how well you feel, it is crucial to constantly take this medication for as long as you are instructed. Missing doses may cause seizures, and stopping suddenly could cause your condition to get worse. It shouldn’t ever come to an abrupt end.

Common Side effects of This Tablet:

Sickness, loose bowels, lack of sleep, retching, muscle problems, fatigue, and weight loss are some common side effects of this medicine (anorexia). Take in a lot of water to stay hydrated. The vast majority of these are fake. If these results worry you or don’t go away while you’re taking the medicine, keep taking it but talk to your primary care doctor. However, notify your PCP right away if you experience a skin rash or redness. It might develop into Stevens-Johnson disorder, a dangerous skin condition. Long-term usage of this drug increases the risk of breaking a bone and can lead to osteoporosis (decreased bone mass). These anticonvulsants and similar drugs have been linked to suicidal thoughts and behaviors.


It’s possible that not everyone should use this drug. Tell your PCP before taking it if you’ve ever experienced heart problems, kidney or liver disease, difficulty urinating, suffering, or suicidal thoughts. Tell your primary care doctor about all of the pills you need so they can make sure it is safe because many different medications can interfere with it and some shouldn’t be taken together. If you are pregnant, talk to your doctor before starting or stopping any medicine. Avoiding alcohol use is advised because it can worsen some symptoms and increase your risk of seizures.


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