Antecavir – Entecavir Tablet

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Antecavir 0.5mg Tablet utilize in the therapy for HIV contamination and constant hepatitis B infection (HBV) disease. It forestalls the duplication of infection in human cells. This prevents the infection from delivering new infections and clears up your contamination.

How Antecavir 0.5 mg Tablet is used?

Antecavir 0.5mg Tablet isn’t a remedy for HIV or AIDS and just assists with diminishing the measure of HIV in your body. This assists with bringing down the danger of getting HIV-related entanglements and improves your life expectancy. It is recommended in blend with other HIV meds. Your primary care physician will suggest the best medications for you and will choose the portions that you need. Adhere to painstakingly the guidelines for every one of the meds that you give. It very well may be taken with or without food. Taking this load of medications routinely on the right occasions significantly builds their viability and decreases the odds of HIV getting impervious to them. It is important not to miss portions and to continue to take them until your PCP reveals to you it protects to stop.

Common Side effects of  Tablet:-

Normal results of this medication incorporate migraine, sickness, spewing, stomach torment, weakness, looseness of the bowels, and rash. These are generally not genuine, however, tell your PCP on the off chance that they trouble you or don’t disappear. Seldom, a few groups may encounter a skin response or liver harm. Your primary care physician will intently screen you for these at the underlying time of treatment.

Before taking it, tell your PCP on the off chance that you have any skin issues or liver or kidney sickness. While utilizing it, you may require ordinary blood tests to check your blood tallies and liver capacity. Try not to drink liquor as it might build your danger of liver harm. Pregnant or breastfeeding moms ought to counsel their PCP before utilizing this medication. Try not to have unprotected sex or offer individual things like razors or toothbrushes, on the off chance that you are HIV positive.


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