Aridix – Aripiprazole Tablet

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Aripiprazole 15 mg Tablets are an antipsychotic drug. It is used to treat mental illnesses including schizophrenia and mania, which can cause fantasies or hallucinations and negatively affect a person’s ability to think and behave. Sadness and bipolar disorders can both be treated with it.

How Aripiprazole 15mg Tablet is used?

You can take an aripiprazole 15mg tablet with or without breakfast, ideally in the morning. However, it is advised to put in some effort each day since this helps to maintain a consistent level of medication in the body. Your primary care physician will determine the dosage and frequency you require so that you receive the best supplement to manage your side effects. It might very well grow gradually. It could take up to a month for you to start feeling better.

Common Side effects of the Tablet.

The typical side effects of this medicine include headache, tiredness, nausea, retching, and blurred vision. Additionally, it makes you shaky and sleepy, so avoid driving or engaging in other activities that call for focus until you know how this prescription affects you. Please consult your PCP if these outcomes persist or worsen.

Your glucose and cholesterol levels can increase as a result of this treatment. However, changing your lifestyle by following a healthy diet and exercising regularly can reduce this outcome. While you are on this medication, your PCP will occasionally check your cholesterol and glucose levels. Inform your primary care physician if you have any sudden changes in mood or behavior, new or worsening depression, or self-destructive thoughts while taking this drug.


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