Zepdon – Raltegravir 400mg Tablet

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Raltegravir (Zepdon) Tablet – Treatment for HIV Infection

Zepdon 400mg Tablet is an antiretroviral medication. It is used to treat HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), which is the infection that causes AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). It stops viral replication in human cells and cures your illness.

The HIV virus is prevented from growing in your body by using Zepdon 400mg Tablet. It aids in the management of the illness and improves the function of your immune system. This reduces your odds of problems, such as new infections, and enhances your overall quality of life. This drug is always taken in conjunction with other antiretroviral treatments.

It is not a cure for HIV or AIDS, and it should not be taken to prevent HIV following an unintended risk exposure. You must take this medication precisely as prescribed, as directed by your doctor. Taking all of your pills in the correct amounts and at the correct times boosts the efficiency of your combination of medications and minimizes the likelihood of your HIV infection developing resistance to antiretroviral medications. Taking this medication, however, will not prevent you from spreading HIV to others.

Zepdon 400mg Tablet is not a treatment for HIV or AIDS; it only reduces the quantity of HIV in your body. This lowers your risks of getting HIV-related diseases and increases your life expectancy. It is used in conjunction with other HIV medications. Your doctor will select the finest medications for you and determine the appropriate dosages. For all of the medications, you are given, strictly follow the directions. It can be taken with or without meals, and ideally at a predetermined time. Avoid ingesting antacids containing aluminum or magnesium within 2 hours of taking this medication. It is crucial that you do not miss any doses and that you continue to take them until your doctor says it is safe to stop.

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  • HIV infection

Antiviral medicine Zepdon 400mg Tablet. It inhibits the replication of the HIV virus in human cells. As a result, the HIV virus is unable to generate new viruses.


Take this medication exactly as directed by your doctor, for the duration and at the dose advised. Take everything at once. It must not be eaten, crushed, or damaged in any way. Zepdon 400mg Tablet can be taken with or without meals, although it is best to take it at the same time every day.

Fedelty Health Care is a certified Raltegravir Bulk Pharma Exporter, Cargo Bulk Supplier, and pharmaceutical wholesaler in India.

  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Increased liver enzymes
  • Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping)
  • Muscle pain
  • Nausea
  • Driving

Zepdon 400mg Tablet may impair your alertness, impair your eyesight, or make you drowsy and dizzy. If you experience any of these symptoms, do not drive.

  • Kidney

In people with renal problems, Zepdon 400mg Tablet is safe to use. There is no need to alter the dose of Zepdon 400mg Tablet.

  • Liver

In individuals with severe liver disease, Zepdon 400mg Tablet should be taken with care. Zepdon 400mg Tablet dosage may need to be adjusted. Please visit your physician. There is little data on the usage of Zepdon 400mg Tablet in these individuals. In individuals with mild to severe liver disease, no dosage change is indicated.

  • Pregnancy

Using Zepdon 400mg Tablet during pregnancy may be dangerous. Although there has been little human research, animal studies have revealed detrimental consequences on the growing fetus. Your doctor will assess the advantages of medicine against any possible concerns before recommending it to you. Please visit your physician.

  • Breastfeeding

Zepdon 400mg Tablet is most likely safe to take during nursing. According to the limited human evidence, the medication poses no major harm to the fetus.

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